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GTA VCS Mod + Apk Version 1.0 [Free Purchase]

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Download GTA VCS Mod + Apk v1.0 [Free Purchase] Latest Version 2023

“GTA: Vice City Stories” (GTA VCS) is an action-adventure video game set in the 1980s, serving as a prequel to “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.” Players assume the role of Victor Vance and navigate the criminal underworld of Vice City, experiencing a gripping narrative, dynamic open-world exploration, and a range of thrilling missions and activities. It offers an immersive gaming experience within a meticulously crafted crime-ridden world.

Download GTA VCS Mod + Apk v 1.0 [Free Purchase] Latest Version 2023

Information about GTA VCS Mod Apk

RequirementAndroid 5.0 and Up
DeveloperEditor's Choice, PSP, Rock
Current Versionv 9.0

Features of GTA VCS Mod Apk

 There are some of the notable features of GTA: Vice City Stories (VCS) mods:

Enhanced Graphics

Mods can improve the game’s visuals by adding high-definition textures, realistic lighting effects, and improved character models, providing a more immersive experience.

New Missions and Storylines

Modders often create additional missions and storylines, expanding the game’s content and offering fresh challenges for players.

Custom Vehicles

GTA VCS Mods can introduce custom vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and even aircraft, allowing players to explore Vice City in style.

Character Customization

Some mods enable character customization, letting players change the appearance and clothing of the main character, Victor Vance.

Weapons and Gear

GTA VCS Mods can add new weapons, gear, and equipment to the game, providing unique combat experiences and enhancing gameplay.

Improved Soundtrack

GTA VCS Modders may incorporate custom soundtracks, adding new songs or remixes to the in-game radio stations.

Map Expansions

Some mods expand the game world by adding new areas, buildings, or landmarks to explore, enriching the overall gameplay.

Enhanced AI and Gameplay Mechanics

Mods can improve the behavior of AI-controlled characters, making them more challenging and intelligent opponents.

Bug Fixes and Stability

Modders often fix bugs and glitches present in the original game, leading to a more stable and enjoyable gaming experience.

Unique Vehicles and Weapons

GTA VCS Mods introduce unique and imaginative vehicles and weapons that deviate from the game’s original offerings, adding diversity to gameplay.

Custom Effects

Visual and special effects can be modified to create unique atmospheres and experiences in the game world.

Multiplayer Support

Some mods add multiplayer functionality to GTA VCS, allowing players to enjoy the game with friends online.

Please note that

mod availability and features can vary depending on the specific mod and the platform you are using, so it’s essential to choose mods from trusted sources and follow installation instructions carefully.

Fastest Way to Earn Money in GTA Vice City

Fastest Way to Earn Money in GTA Vice City

The fastest way to earn money in GTA: Vice City is to engage in various money-making activities and take advantage of opportunities in the game. Here are some effective ways to quickly accumulate wealth:

1- Completing Missions

Progress through the game’s main story missions and side missions. Completing missions often rewards you with substantial cash and occasionally unlocks additional revenue-generating activities.

2- Taxi Driver Side Mission

Steal a taxi and activate the Taxi Driver side mission in GTA VCS. Successfully delivering passengers to their destinations within the time limit will earn you money and also boost your taxi’s money-making potential.

3- Vigilante Side Mission

Find a police car and trigger the Vigilante side mission. This involves tracking down and eliminating criminals. With each criminal you apprehend, you’ll receive a cash reward.

4- Firefighter Side Mission

Hijack a fire truck and activate the Firefighter side mission in GTA VCS. Extinguish fires around the city within the time limit to earn money. The longer you continue, the more you’ll make.

5- Paramedic Side Mission

Commandeer an ambulance and start the Paramedic side mission. Pick up injured pedestrians and deliver them to the hospital. Completing levels of this mission increases the payout.

6- Robbery

You can rob stores and businesses scattered throughout the city. Some stores have cash registers you can loot, while others may require more elaborate heists.

7- Property Investment

As you progress in the game, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase properties like the Ice Cream Factory, Pole Position Club, and others. These properties generate daily income, and the more you own, the more money you’ll receive each day.

8- Street Races

Participate in street races found throughout Vice City. Winning races rewards you with cash prizes.

9- Rampages

Locate Rampage icons and complete their challenges. Successful Rampages offer financial rewards.

10- Hidden Packages

Search for Hidden Packages scattered across the city. Collecting all 100 Hidden Packages will net you a significant amount of money and other rewards.

11- Assassination Missions

As you progress, you’ll encounter assassination missions. Completing these can yield substantial cash rewards in GTA VCS.

12- Money Cheat

If you’re looking for a quick way to get rich in GTA VCS, you can use cheat codes to spawn money in the game. Keep in mind that using cheats may disable certain achievements or progress tracking.

Remember that in GTA

Vice City, money is essential for purchasing weapons, vehicles, properties, and other resources that aid in your criminal endeavors. Mixing these money-making methods can help you accumulate wealth quickly and enjoy the game to its fullest.

How good is GTA Vice City over the PUBG game?

Comparing GTA: Vice City and PUBG is like comparing apples and oranges because they are fundamentally different types of games. Here are some key points to consider:

How good is GTA Vice City over the PUBG game

Game Genre


Vice City is an open-world action-adventure game with a strong narrative. It allows players to explore a fictional city, engage in missions, drive vehicles, and experience a story-driven gameplay.

PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds)

On the other hand, is a battle royale game focused on multiplayer combat. It involves players parachuting onto an island, gathering weapons and supplies, and battling other players or teams until only one remains.



Vice City offers a single-player experience where you follow a story, interact with NPCs, complete missions, and freely explore the game world.


PUBG is a competitive online multiplayer game where the primary objective is to survive and be the last player or team standing in intense battles.

Graphics and Art Style


Vice City, while older, has a distinctive retro 1980s Miami setting with a more stylized and colorful art style.


PUBG focuses on realism, with modern graphics and more detailed environments.

Audience and Preferences


Your preference between the two games depends on what type of gaming experience you enjoy. If you prefer narrative-driven single-player adventures with open-world exploration, GTA: Vice City is a great choice.


If you enjoy fast-paced, competitive multiplayer action and prefer games that focus on skill, strategy, and survival, PUBG might be more appealing.

It’s important to note

that personal preference plays a significant role in determining which game is “better.” Both games have their own strengths and cater to different tastes in gaming. Some players may enjoy both, while others have a clear preference for one over the other. Ultimately, it comes down to what kind of gaming experience you are looking for and which game aligns better with your preferences.

How to Download and install GTA VCS Mod Apk?

To install a car mod in GTA: Vice City on Android, you’ll need to follow these general steps. Please note that the process can vary depending on the specific mod you’re using, so always refer to the mod’s installation instructions for the most accurate guidance. Here’s a simplified overview:

How to Download and install GTA VCS Mod Apk

Backup Your Game

Before you begin, it’s a good practice to back up your GTA: Vice City Android game data. You can do this by copying the game’s folder (usually named “com.rockstargames.gtavc”) from your Android device’s “Android/obb” directory to another location on your device or your computer. This step is essential to avoid losing your progress or data.

Step 1 – Download the Car Mod

Find a trusted source to download the car mod you want to install. Make sure the mod is compatible with the Android version of the game.

Step 2 – Enable Unknown Sources

On your Android device, go to “Settings” > “Security” (or “Privacy”) > “Unknown Sources” and enable it. This allows you to install apps and mods from sources other than the Play Store.

Step 3 – Install a File Manager App

If you don’t already have a file manager app on your Android device, install one from the Google Play Store. A file manager will help you navigate your device’s file system.

Step 4 – Install the Mod

Use your file manager app to navigate to the downloaded car mod file (usually in the “Downloads” folder). Tap on the mod file to begin the installation process.

Step 5 – Follow Installation Instructions

Depending on the mod, you may need to follow specific installation instructions. This could involve extracting files, copying them to certain folders, or running an installer within the mod file. Be sure to carefully read and follow the instructions provided with the mod.

Step 6 – Replace Game Files (if required)

In some cases, car mods may require you to replace certain game files with modded ones. Make sure to back up the original game files first.

Step 7 – Clear Game Cache (if required)

After installing the mod, clear the game’s cache to ensure the changes take effect. You can usually do this by going to “Settings” > “Apps” > “GTA: Vice City” > “Storage” > “Clear Cache.”

Step 8 – Launch the Game

Once the mod is successfully installed, launch GTA: Vice City, and you should see the new cars in the game.

Step 9 – Restore Game Data

If you backed up your game data in Step 1, you can restore it by copying the backed-up game folder back to the “Android/obb” directory.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final Verdict

GTA: Vice City Stories (GTA VCS) takes players back to the 1980s, offering a thrilling action-adventure experience in Vice City’s crime-infested world. With enhanced graphics and features, GTA VCS Mod Apk breathes new life into the game.To earn money in GTA: Vice City, complete missions, participate in side activities, and explore various in-game opportunities. There are numerous ways to accumulate wealth and grow your criminal empire.

Installing car mods in GTA: Vice City on Android can enhance your gameplay. Follow specific steps, back up your data, and use mods from trusted sources for a better experience. Choose the game that suits your preferences, whether it’s exploring Vice City’s criminal world or engaging in PUBG’s multiplayer battles. Enjoy your virtual adventures!

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